Hello, we are Beuren! 

Founded by Victor Beuren, we are a studio based in the beautiful state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. We believe that we can have fun and make people smile with all of our projects. Being naive as a child and professionals as experienced seniors we can deliver illustrations with a high visual impact. 

We are proudly represented by Create. You can contact our agent Arnold at any time, 7 day per week. He will be glad to help with you enquiries. You can find his contact on our contact page.

McDonalds, ESPN, Chevrolet, Umbro, Warner, Area23, Forbes, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Baileys, Hershey´s, Culture Trip, Quarto Publishing, Wonderbly, Autodesk, Best Western Hotels, Johnson & Johnson, Astrazeneca, Disney. 

World Illustration Awards 2022
American Illustration 40 - 2021
200 Best Illustrators Lüerzer's Archive
Society of Illustrators NY - Illustrators 58
American Illustration 35
3X3 Magazine American
Illustration Latin America 3
Los Diez American Illustration Latin America 5

Meet the team!​​​​​​​

With more than 14 years of experience in the illustration industry Victor has worked with awesome clients like Chevrolet, Disney, Astrazeneca, McDonald's, Adobe and many others. Victor works with different visual styles and high visual impact images, which adapt to clients innovative proposals.
More than 20 years working as a senior designer and illustrator in advertising agencies, where I was able to lead teams on large projects. Working with clients such as Netflix, Epic Games (Fortnite), Subway, Wise Up, Red Balloon, Brahma, Somos Education, Trama Publishers and others. My main style is stylized realism with textured brush strokes and striking colors. I have other conceptual styles, such as vector illustrations and handmade collages, which combined with handmade letterings, bring a great creative differential. As my personal expression I create alternative posters of films and pop culture, recognized in Brazil and abroad.
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