Search Party . Chaos at the Park

Search Party Amusement Park Card Game
Your search for the perfect family game is over. Meet Search Party: Chaos at the Park, the 3D interactive game that's here to shake up your game night. This game contains 15 unique missions and 300 search-and-find objects. To solve missions, you'll answer questions and find clues by following characters around the board and onto the pop-up locations. Or you can dive into the search-and-find guide and look for hilarious and hidden objects scattered around the board.

What Do You Meme is a brand that specializes in finding, creating, and sharing relatable content. However, their offerings go beyond just one game. Since the launch in 2016, they have been hard at work developing hundreds of games and products that add more fun to life. From party games to family games, relationship games to drinking games, wellness products to plush toys, and even murder mystery games, they have something for everyone. Whichever path you choose for game night, you're bound to have a blast.

Company: What Do You Meme?®
Ilustrations: Victor Beuren, Junis Laureano, Amaury Filho

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