I was invited by Art Directors Paula Daneze and Glenda Capdeville to tell the stories of people who are making a difference and fighting to make Brazil a better place.


Acredite Postais invite people to believe that we can make the world a better place.
Created as a crowdfunding project, all the project backers received one illustrated story per month.

Illustration: Victor Beuren
Art Direction and design: Paula Daneze and Glenda Capdeville.
STORY of Stephanie Mulcock

Stephanie is the CEO of Garra, an organization that provides legal support, economic development and educates Brazilian immigrants about their legal rights in the US.
STORY of Letícia

Leticia wanted to walk and run safely in the streets of São Paulo. So she created a project with the city leaders. Thanks to Leticia, Paulista Avenue is closed on Sunday mornings so everyone can practice exercises safely.
STORY of Célia Pacheco

Célia teaches portuguese to immigrants that have just arrived in Brazil so they can feel embraced by their new home and community.
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